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Integrating JWT with Spring Security 6 in Spring Boot 3

Hello, we are thrilled to present the second installment of our series on Spring Security! This episode explores the integration of JWT with Spring Security 6 and Spring Boot 3. We invite you to review the article and share your insights. Your feedback is highly anticipated, and we are excited to engage in discussions about these advancements with you!

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Hamza Azeem

Hello,I am currently learning spring and through my journey I discovered that using external JWTs libraries in your spring project to add token authentication is a bad practice and shouldn't be done. It's better to use OAuth and Nimubs to add jwt authentication nowadays. I would love to hear your opinion on the matter.

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Yeah it depends on the size ,security and complexity of your application. Using OAuth and Nimbus when your application is used by high no of users. other wise it is fine with jjwt.